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Central Oregon Heating And Air Conditioning 6 Tips For A More Energy Efficient Home In Oregon Your home’s HVAC system is one of the biggest consumers of energy in your house. For that reason, homeowners often ask us how they can make their homes more energy efficient. Having a more energy efficient home is not […]

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People who own a home never have a shortage of maintenance concerns to tend to. The good news is in most cases if a home is well cared for over the years, it will have fewer maintenance needs, repair work will be required less often and will be less expensive. The primary concerns for taking […]

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HVAC Buying Tips An HVAC system is a device that is used to control the temperature inside a confined environment. This is more commonly used inside a building or a vehicle. They can be expensive, but with proper maintenance, it can run for 15 to 25 years, and the money spent on buying it would […]

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Heating and Cooling Maintenance The importance of maintenance can not be overstated when talking about heating and cooling systems in your home. This is the most crucial factor in preventing expensive, unanticipated costs and emergencies. The primary reason that cooling and heating systems fail in the first place is because of neglect and dirt. Properly […]

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Oregon summers can be quite hot. And winters are certainly no picnic, either. You probably rely on the comfort of a climate-controlled home to provide relief from blustery northern winds and sizzling summer sun. That’s all well and good until your heater no longer heats, or the air streaming from your cooling system turns warm. […]

Central Oregon Heating And Cooling

Central Oregon Heating And Cooling What is life without a proper heating, cooling, and air condition (HVAC) system? How do people without HVAC go through cold days or hot days? We all know how cold it can get and we know as well how hot it can get that no one can stay indoors. But […]