central heating and air conditioningOregon summers can be quite hot. And winters are certainly no picnic, either.

You probably rely on the comfort of a climate-controlled home to provide relief from blustery northern winds and sizzling summer sun. That’s all well and good until your heater no longer heats, or the air streaming from your cooling system turns warm. You’ll need reliable assistance, and you’ll need it fast. What do you do, and who can you trust for honest, professional help?

On the other hand, you may have never installed a climate-control system in your home. Perhaps you’ve been too busy and never found the time to check into it. Maybe cost has been an issue. You’ve heard about financing, but you don’t have time for volumes of complicated application forms. Besides, who can you trust, and how would you know you’re getting a fair price on a system that’s right for you?

We have the answers to these questions. We are the experts Redmond trusts for honest, dependable, and professional heating and cooling system installation, repair, and maintenance. We treat each customer like family. Your satisfaction and comfort are our foremost concerns.

Regular Maintenance – Your Ticket to Worry Free Comfort

Like a car, heating and air conditioning systems need regular check-ups and servicing to continue functioning properly. We are the place to turn for service and care you can trust.

Your climate-control system should be serviced at least twice each year, ideally during the late fall and spring months. You don’t want to find your heater blowing cold air on that first frigid day, and you definitely don’t want to discover warm air bellowing from your air conditioner when the first heat wave hits. Our expertly trained technicians will give your system the thorough inspection it needs to dependably heat and cool your home. We’ll check and service your compressor, condenser, coils, ducts, and air handler. We’ll flush your lines and ensure your filters are clean.

The best news is that we’ve designed easy, affordable service plans to take the worry out of maintenance. Our plans are partnerships. We work with you to select service times that are convenient for you and your family. We do all the scheduling and send you reminder notices well in advance of each appointment. We arrive on time with all the tools and expertise needed to quickly and thoroughly service your system. We guarantee our work, and when we’re done, you’ll rest easy knowing your family’s comfort is in good hands.

Repairs You Can Trust

HVAC systems contain many components. Over time, normal usage can cause parts to wear out, leaving you without heat or cool air. It’s something we hope you’ll never experience, but if you do, we’re the ones to call for fast, dependable, and honest repairs.

We’re ready to help 24/7. As soon as you call, we dispatch one of our professionally trained, experienced technicians. They arrive quickly, assess the situation, thoroughly explain what’s causing the problem, and recommend the most cost-effective fix possible. They take the time to answer all questions, and they won’t begin work until you’re ready. Once underway, they waste no time, because they know how important climate control is to your family’s health and well-being. And as with all our work, we stand firmly behind the quality of each and every repair we make.

Replacement and New System Installation

There are instances when it’s not productive or possible to repair existing systems. Replacement parts may not be available for older systems, and new environmental requirements may make it impossible to retrofit a current unit. We won’t recommend an entire or partial system replacement unless it’s absolutely necessary. We think of each customer as family, and we want to earn your respect and trust.

If a replacement is needed, we’ll go over all aspects of the project before we begin. We’ll recommend the size and type of unit that’s right for your home. We’ll explain our recommendation, answer all your questions, and set an appointment time that’s convenient for you. We’ll get your replacement underway as quickly as possible, and we’ll finish the job promptly and professionally.

If you’re considering a HVAC system for the first time, we’ll first visit your residence, verify your home’s square footage and layout, and inspect your home’s structure and insulation. When retrofitting a home with a first-time climate-control unit, it’s vital to select the right type and size of system. We’ll determine how best to install duct work, select the location for system components, and evaluate your home’s current insulation. Proper insulation is critical in order to benefit fully from a new heating and cooling system. When our work is complete, and your new system is up and running, you’ll discover how amazingly comfortable your home can be. And you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can count on us to keep you comfortable for years to come.


We offer financing. It’s simple to apply if you need it and we’ll be happy to go over the options to find one that’s right for you.

Services We Offer:

  • HVAC repair
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Air conditioner maintenance
  • Furnace Repair
  • Service heat pumps
  • Water heater repair
  • Ac installation

Let Us Show How Comfortable You Can Be

So, if you’re looking for a Redmond heating and cooling company you can trust – one that’s dependable, professional, and highly knowledgeable – look no further. You can count on us to always be prompt, honest, fair, and professional. That’s the way we always have and always will do business. Give us a try and see for yourself. Serving all of central Oregon.

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