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What is life without a proper heating, cooling, and air condition (HVAC) system? How do people without HVAC go through cold days or hot days? We all know how cold it can get and we know as well how hot it can get that no one can stay indoors. But why run away from your comfort zone when all you can do is fit your house or office with the best HVAC system to weather any storm? There is yet to be a case of a person allergic to a good life. An environment that you can control is the perfect environment, whether it is your home or your workplace you deserve to breathe cool air and enjoy the warmth that only a good HVAC system can give.

Starting point

There is always a first time for everything. Like if you are having your first-time installation of HVAC what the things that you should know are? The first thing you should get right is choosing the company that will care for all your needs and design. Getting a good HVAC company is becoming difficult by the day. It is like the adage of looking for a needle in a haystack. But in case you need a short list of the very best, then Professional heating, cooling, and plumbing is your company and should be the first choice. These are the reasons why.

central heating and air conditioningService-oriented

There are truckloads of companies that are just laden with handymen and stickers on the sides of their trucks with no real experience to show.  We understand what the job entails and what each office space or home needs with regards to their HVAC system. These are captured in the services they provide:

1. Overall Maintenance and repair

Is it time to change your system or a simple HVAC repair will keep your house warm? These can only be determined by a thorough evaluation of your current system. With professionals on the deck, this should not be difficult. Running a full diagnostics on your home will show how long due you are before you need to change your system to avoid constant repairs. It will also show what should be replaced to keep your system operating at optimum levels. At times the entire HVAC system might be too far gone, and the only solution will be to replace the entire system with a new one. In such instances, you need assurances that your next HVAC system will be better than what you initially had. You will need an expert opinion of what the current market offers and how your home or office can be fitted with a modern HVAC system.

2. Furnaces

Winter is looming in the shadows. You can tell it is going to be cold, and the urgency to have a working furnace to keep your home warm is rife. There are a variety of furnaces that suit each household. More so if you are looking to cut on costs. These are the gas furnace, oil furnace, propane, and electric furnace. A good furnace should serve you for 20-30 years with minor repairs here and there. The choice over the kind of furnace you have to install solely lies in your preference. Once you choose a furnace that meets your utility bill, the fitting will be thorough and neat as we are experienced and familiar with all types of furnaces.

3. Air conditioning system

You need to go for the air conditioning system that will be cost effective and energy saving. On top of this, you should choose a modern version that reflects today’s standards. If your air conditioning system has served you for 12 or more years, you should consider replacing it with a newer model. An energy star qualified model that will save your cooling costs up to 20 per cent. When having a new installation, our experts will guide you based on the dimensions and appliances you have in place. We will also consider the presence of surrounding trees offering shade, the insulation and the direction your house is facing. Capturing all the details matters a lot and this determines the size of the air conditioning you will install. Too big and you waste a lot of energy, too small and your house will never be cool as you desire.

heating and air conditioning in Central Oregon4. Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are all purpose all weather systems. As the name suggests, it’s all about pumping the heat either outside or inside your home. Its mechanism is more adaptable than both air conditioning and furnaces. Heat pumps function interchangeably, during winter they will move heat from the outdoors to the inside of your home and at summer move heat away from your home or office leaving it cool. They move heat and are considered to be at least five times more efficient than furnaces and air conditioning. To have a good installation, you need a team of experts to get you the right design suited for your home. There are three to choose from;

Each of these heat pumps offers a different experience. The most widely used is the air source heat pump because of its high efficiency that saves electricity by 30% – 40%. Heat pumps require less energy to run them.
Getting value for your money is with Professional Heating & Cooling. We care about you and your home.

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