The Central Oregon region sees an average of about 28-inches of snow per year and temperatures that average around 21 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the winter. This may seem like no big deal to those that are familiar with the area, but according to the Old Farmers Almanac, the region can expect to see below-normal temperatures and above-average snowfall. While a colder, snowier winter is likely bearable for those that are acclimated to the seemingly long winter season in Central Oregon, Professional Heating & Cooling urges you to ensure your heaters will be able to provide you the warmth to make it through. 

Serving the entire Central Oregon region, ProHeat is your professional home heating and cooling hub. With customer satisfaction their number one priority, ProHeat wants to help ensure you and your family are comfortable in your home no matter the weather. With an unusually long and cold winter on the horizon, ProHeat is urging Central Oregon residents to inspect, maintenance, repair, or replace their heating systems before the snow starts to fall. Not only do you want to avoid being left without a heat source when temperatures turn frigid, but having your heating equipment cleaned, and checked regularly, is the best way to ensure comfort, and lower utility bills. Professional Heating And Cooling’s factory-trained service professionals can inspect and tune-up any brand of heating and cooling equipment to its best performance. 

Knowing how important it is that your heating equipment is running properly this winter, ProHeat now offers a preventative maintenance program. Both past and new customers are able to opt-in for their scheduled preventative maintenance program which automatically reminds both ProHeats installation professionals and yourself, that your heating or cooling equipment is due for inspection and maintenance. Customers enrolled in this program not only benefit from seasonal system checks and improved equipment performance but are also able to take advantage of cooling and heating parts discounts, priority service and reduced service call rates. After a long, hot summer of not using your heating units in Central Oregon, ProHeat recommends scheduling an inspection and maintenance appointment before temperatures start to cool down. 

When it comes to heating, cooling, and indoor air quality, Professional Heating and Cooling is dedicated to providing only the best quality customer service, and complete satisfaction for all of their home services. ProHeats expert knowledge, factory trained technicians, and commitment to only the highest quality service sets them apart and gives them the ability to address any heating and cooling concern guaranteeing your complete satisfaction every time, no matter the task. In addition to heating and cooling system inspections, maintenance, installation, and more, ProHeat is proud to offer fireplace and chimney cleaning, repair and rebuilds.  Professional Heating also sells and installs gas, wood and pellet stoves and inserts for those looking for alternative ways to heat their homes. If you would like to learn more about ProHeat and their services, please visit: