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If you’re looking for heating and cooling in Eugene, there are a few things you should know about heating and cooling systems in the area. We want you to experience excellent maximum comfort with all of our systems. That means that we want your system to provide a feeling of optimism about your home as well as providing a space in which you can live comfortably. It’s about more than just a heating system or AC. It’s about the air moving through your space, how the air is heated and the humidity in your space. Those three factors combine to give us the best opportunity for a comfortable home. 

Designers of the Perfect System 

Designers of homes, whether it’s an already existing structure or a design in a contractor’s plans, are not dedicated to producing the hermetically sealed, perfect living environment where you are always comfortable without interruption. Designers may not believe they can create a perfectly comfortable house. 

People living with even the most advanced HVAC systems will reach for a sweater when the house cools off, they’ll take off a sports coat when the AC kicks in and pushes icy cold air out of a vent into their space. Likewise, they will turn on a gas fireplace when the TV room feels drafty. They will reach for the air conditioner switch in the house in the middle of a hot, sunny afternoon. 

In other words, there’s no such thing as a perfectly designed comfortable home. As something that might be unachievable, it’s still a goal worth chasing. That’s what we’re interested in doing. Engineers designing heating systems might put hot and cold air on their drawing board where zero equals perfection and a -1 is colder than zero and a +1 is hotter than zero. They design systems that depart from zero by only a fraction of that. They’re pretty good systems needless to say. 


Despite everything engineers do to make a home comfortable year round, people turn to their wardrobe to do much of the work of creating a comfortable home. That’s not to undermine the value of a heating system, but it does help maintain your system and increase its life. After an individual puts on a t-shirt, blouse, warm shirt, wool socks and shoes and comfortable pants or leggings, that individual did a lot, and that’s energy that your heating system or air conditioning system doesn’t have to accomplish. Put on a housecoat in the morning and a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for the rest of the day, and a lot of your system’s objectives have already been achieved. 


Other factors that actually tax your system crop up much of the time. Humidity, the amount of water vapor in the air, can make it difficult to manipulate home comfort because the high humidity in the home will make it almost impossible to be very comfortable. Eugene, Oregon doesn’t have a lot of humidity, but humid air is still oppressive. Humidity is all about precipitation, and as the temperature rises, so does the odds of reaching a saturation point in the air. At that saturation point, the air might be uncomfortable. Your system is designed to bring the humidity down to a manageable level, but it takes work. 

Forced Air 

What choices do you have to create real comfort in a home? The first solution is forced air. Forced air pushes a different temperature air into a room and that heat is then transferred to space. It energizes anyone in the house and makes them feel dynamic. Their motivation increases. Radiant heat is another solution. When the heat from a radiant source travels to another object, like a human body or a piece of furniture, it warms that body. Unlike forced air, radiant heat can feel much more evenly distributed through the house. 

Know the Thermostat 

Whether you decide on a forced air system or a radiant heat system, it’s important that the occupants know how to operate the thermostat. It should be easily within the reach and easily controlled by the occupants of the house. To a limited degree, thermal comfort is a psychological thing that can be created by the power of suggestion. Believe it or not, that suggestion can be housed in a thermostat. This becomes more important the more flawless the system is. If a house is drafty, the psychological effect of turning to a thermostat will be less while the real effect of turning on heat will be greater. If the house is air-tight, the psychological effect of turning up the thermostat will be considerable. 

The High Desert Region

In high desert regions like ours, it’s important to understand that maintenance of a system that must deal with differing ranges of hot and cold. To reach temperature comfort all year round is a great strain. As a result, the best results in terms of year-round maintenance is to exist in two temperature comfort zones, one for the hot range and another for the cold range. The air temperature in the house should ideally be in the sixty degrees Fahrenheit range in the wintertime and in the seventy degrees Fahrenheit range in the summertime. 

In each case, the difference allows the HVAC system to work less hard to achieve year-round temperature comfort for the homeowner and family. Because you turn your temperature down in the winter time, your system will last longer. 

In the end, homeowners and family members can do things to lower the maintenance costs of the HVAC or radiant system and increase the life expectancy. In addition, it also conserves energy and decreases your home’s energy footprint.

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