People who own a home never have a shortage of maintenance concerns to tend to. The good news is in most cases if a home is well cared for over the years, it will have fewer maintenance needs, repair work will be required less often and will be less expensive. The primary concerns for taking care of any home is ensuring that the mechanical systems and the structure are well taken care of. Failure to care for these primary elements of the home can lead to costly repairs.

The Importance of an Annual Heating And Air Conditioning Cleaning and Maintenance Plan

Of all the systems in the home that require annual maintenance, one of the easiest to care for is the HVAC system. While not all HVAC systems will provide homeowners the same longevity, through yearly maintenance, the life of all HVAC systems can be extended. 

The annual home maintenance of a heating and cooling system includes a yearly cleaning and examination. The cleaning of the system and air filter change will help ensure that dirt, lint, and fuel build up does not clog any of the parts. Like any motorized system, the care and cleaning of its base components will help it to run more efficiently and will preserve the integrity of the parts.

Early Signs of Heating and air conditioning Trouble

There are several signs that can crop up to show that a home heating and cooling system is having problems. Getting to the root of the symptoms is essential in protecting against heating and air conditioning failures. Paying attention to the signs of a malfunctioning HVAC unit can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Many of the system repairs that crop up on HVAC units that are less than 15 years old can be remedied easily without costly repairs or the need for a system replacement if they are caught early.

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The Top Signs Your HVAC Unit is Having Problems Includes:

Temperature Fluctuations in The System Output- If your heating system is not keeping the home adequately cooled or warmed consistently, there may be a problem with the thermostat, the system fan or the blower motor. This can also be a problem if you have run low on the fuel you use to generate heat. While these are not the only causes, these are the most common problems for this symptom.

HVAC System Makes an Unusual Sound- This can be caused by a variety of reasons. Certainly, a poorly operating blower motor or an air leak can be a root cause for this. However, there can be other significant problems that can cause this. To avoid system failures from arising, this should be addressed. Timely maintenance of odd sounds arising from your heating and air conditioning unit from a licensed HVAC contractor can help deter more extensive problems from cropping up.

Some Room Heating or Cooling Vents are Warmer or Colder Than Others- This can mean that some of the ductwork needs cleaning to allow for better flow of the heating and cooling. Additional problems can arise if some of the ductwork is damaged or has become punctured. If there are multi-zones in the heating or cooling system, problems can arise from a faulty part in the multi-zone system that needs replacing.

HVAC System Takes a While to Be Productive- If your HVAC system takes a while to warm up or cool an area, this usually means that there is a part malfunction. While this can be a simple sign of age, this should be checked to ensure that a part does not need to be replaced. As with any mechanical system, the signs of aging can make an HVAC system function poorly. However, a faulty thermostat or having dirty burners can also be the cause of a slowed HVAC unit response and can be repaired easily.

Energy Bills are Higher than Normal- This is a common sign that the system is having problems. Lack of proper efficiency may mean the unit needs cleaning, or there are parts within the system that are failing and need replacing. With systems that are older, high energy bills can be indicative of the beginnings of system failure. However, older HVAC units are less efficient than newer models and will likely continue to be costly to run.

Premature Shutdown Before the House has Heated or Cooled Sufficiently- In many cases when this arises, there is a problem in the system with the thermostat or the air filter. Having a furnace cleaning can usually help. However, premature shutdowns can be caused by other things as well and should be checked to avoid more substantial problems from arising. 

One of the most important benefits of having an annual HVAC system cleaning and examination is that it allows professional HVAC technicians to find early signs of wear and tear of parts that may need replacing. If caught early, many worn parts can easily be replaced without significant loss of operating time of the system or great expense.

Watching for signs of irregular HVAC behavior and getting it addressed adequately in a timely way is the best protection against unit failures. HVAC systems usually last decades if they are taken care of properly. Early detection of simple problems can often be repaired the same day as they are discovered and is more likely with an annual cleaning and maintenance service call from an HVAC service professional.

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